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    water or muscle?

    my cycle:

    1-4 prop 75ed
    1-12 test e 600mg/w

    im now on the 5th week just finished prop and im up about 8 to 10 pounds easy. im looking obviously bigger also. im just wondering is this all water weight or muscle?? i like to think that its muscle because i am moving up in weight very fast, but then again i do bloat rather easy. i dont look real real bloated ,maybe just a little in my face. im takin 10mg nolva also. o well just thought id share my thoughts about it any advice on whether its muscle or water would be great.

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    you will hold water either way. week 5 should be more of muscle as the prop is in your system and doesnt carry to much water. but the test e will def have you hold some. so its a little bit of both probably a little more muscle.

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    You should just get some letro and then you won't have any bloat from the test enan.

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    mostly water, but that doesnt mean it has to go away,
    muscle tissue is over 80% water, so think about that.
    good pct should be able to keep the size, cutting cycle afterwards will get rid of the smooth look.

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