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    regular oil VS sterile oil? Does it really matter?

    I can get a gallon of grapeseed oil for 20$ on line... used for massage or something... its the same as what lab suppliers sell but not sterile? I thought that heating it up in the oven in a pyrex dish and adding just a tiny bit of BA would make it safe for injection...

    I know UG labs making mass amounts of juice that use whatever is availiable at the grocery store, do they even bother sterilizing it??

    I have no problem getting the sterile oil, but if I can microwave or bake it and kill of any possible germs and save money I figgured why not...


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    extreme heat will kill most living organisms, including bacteria that may be living in the oil. Boiling it should kill almost anything living in it, but i dont know if that kind of oil is safe to inject. if its for massages it could have some chemicals in it to make it smell nice or something.
    just a thought.

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    i buy my grapeseed oil off the shelf at the grocery store. i heat it only to make it easier to filter, not to sterilize it. filtering is what sterilizes it. that's the main difference between the 2. when you buy it sterile, they've filtered it. maybe, they might have gamma ray'ed it.

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    USP grade oil takes a lot of the worries out of the process. IF you think your oil has no oil-soluble contaminants or additives, then you can assume that after whatman filtering and sitting a few days in the vial with at least 1% BA, that your product is pretty darn sterile.

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