Huy guys, I would like some advice on ANADROL

I'm 25 and I've done a lot of cycels since I was 17. (once or twice a year)
Now for the first time I'm planning to take some Persian Oxymetholone. now in the past ivé done Clen ,testo's (all 4 popular ones,) Dianabol ,Winny,Primo and my favortie Boldone (Ganabol,boldebal_H) I also love testo on water base too. dast in fast out.(testex and shit like it) , i don't like deca toomuch for sevral reasons but ivé done it also a few times.
Now for the first time I am planning to take Anadrol. I would like to get some advice from users who take steroids in a responsible way. Now I'm not sure if those two factors go together at all. I mean one being a responsible user and taking Anadrol but thats what I would like to find out.
Now a little about me,
I'm 25, I'm about 85 kilo's now, I did get some extra fat on the sides for the first time ever and also on the lower stomach but that's due to eating a lot of bad shit for the past 6 months and not training at all. ( some shit happened so I took a long vacation) Now I've read a lot of articles on Oxy and what I would like to know is if the gains are worth all the toxic one consumes. And since you pump up like crazy and also loose the wait as well wouldn't it be better to just stick to the stuff I'm used to. I'm someone who would never take shit like DNP ,HGH, and Insuline and if the Oxy is in fact a real health risk I would like to know from you guys.
Now I do train with a lot of disciple when on steroids and I also eat with a lot of discipline. I make a cyle program for the whole 12 weeks and sit and take the time for it. i never fail to eat the needed fuel and i'm never lazy doing my training program. I also pump up real fast when only on a protein diet and no steroides so the body's on my side too. Now keeping these facts in mind and with an understanding of my caution approach towards steroids I hope well informed users could give me some good advice. Please no lectures on why I prefer not to take any HGH and Insuline I rahter not go in on that and with all respect to anyone who does take them. Also please give me some very good advice what to take along with it. I was planning on taking test enthat with it and at the end of the cycle some Boldebal_H. Then some clen followed with clomid or/and pregnil. Might even throw in a few deca's if I'm not to sexually active this summer. :-)
Also if anyone reads this and thinks i should just do half a deca a week and one testo every two weeks give more effort please do say so. I rather do it in the helthiest way possible and If I take the Oxy the reason will be that I've always red a lot about this super steroid and I want to try it once in my life and never again. So since I'm 25 now, I rather do it now that my body can take more and my liver too than wait 10 more years. But again if anyone has had very bad experiences or heard of please let me know so I'll give the bottle away to someone who's got less to loose.
and thanks a lot!