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    too much test... a waste body wont absorb??? please clarify

    hey i just gott 50ml of qv enenthate and 30ml of winstrol depot i was thinkin that since this is my third cycle that i would take 4cc a week split into 2cc every 3rd day so 1000mg a week for 12 weeks but i heard that ur body can only absorb so much test and that the rest goes to waste is this true or is it cool to take that much test a week plus can you take the winstrol depot orally or is it better to take it by injection i heard that if you spot inject it will make that muscle bigger and harder than all the others in your body any advice will help thanx

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    your body can use 1g of test a week. and spot injections with winny arent true. you can inject or take orally, either or, its the same

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