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Thread: help?

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    I'm 21 and looking to start my first cycle.

    I've recently dropped 55 lbs of weight (mainly fat) and was at a low 7% BF, I went from 210 - 155

    I'm now upto 164 lbs with 7.3% BF, take in 210 grams of protein, and eat 2500-3000 calories a day

    I'm starting a cycle of Sustanon250/Winstrol Tabs
    taking Nolvadex (should I take it during the cycle or after?)
    as well as HCG and Clomid for my PCT

    please give me feedback and any suggestions for that combination!

    I'm basically looking to have a lean, tapered body! (look like heavyhitter, perhaps a little more muscle on the arms/shoulders/back)

    I have great genetics for legs, however I don't really have the predisposition for definition of muscules!

    Here's my thanks for your answers

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    A lot of people on this board will tell you that you are kind of young for AAS bro. your bodies not done developing yet and your HTPA levels are not developed yet either. you should really work on your diet and hit the gym really hard, you can get the goal you desire that way. AAS is really only recommended for those who are older and have at leastr a few years of natural bodybuilding experience.

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    bro for your first cycle dont run sustanon , run a test alone. people asay your too young and all that im 2 years younger then you and abotu to start my 2nd cycle. run the test at 500mg ew for 12 weeks and see hwo you gain off of that, the only thing is that ytou weigh 164lbs you should maybe get a lil bigger. i was at 190 when i started my cycle.

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    do run the nolve with the cycle. 20mg/day

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