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    Exclamation Fina/Test Joint Problems?

    Alright I am a week in on a Tren Ace/Prop cycle and I am getting really sore joints!!! this is the reason I had to quit lifting before but I don't understand it... I have NOT increased the amount of weight I'm lifting... but my joints.. especially my elbows are very touchy! my knees even feel it and they were 100% FINE.. so what is the deal here... is it the test or the fina or both??

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    dont know much bout this
    but i am interested too cause i have very bad albow pains aswell and would like to know how to fix the problem

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    Im finishing 14weeks test cycle and im 4weeks on tren and didint have any joint problems at all.Im taking glucosamine which helps keep your joints in good condition

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    Glucosamine takes care of the jooint problems for me while on Tren . I have been training for over 18 years so I have a bit of mileage on my bod..It def helps

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    Its both test and the fina.

    High Testosterone (like bodybuilders take) causes
    a drastic lowering of collagen synthesis, probably
    greater than a 50% reduction.

    GH, Equipoise , Deca , Primo and Anavar all increase
    collagen synthesis.

    Its a good idea to include one of these in
    your cycles with your Testosterone if you
    are prone to having sore joints while on cycle.

    I've also seen quite a few guys get sore joints
    on cycle because they are taking a drug to
    suppress estrogen like Arimidex , Femara, etc.
    Low estrogen levels will effect joint lubrication.

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    I took glucosomine / chondroiten with the MSM and it worked great!! Took about a week to really start taking effect!

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