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    meds and gear >??for injury

    well 4 weeks into test ,deca ,and i f u c ke d my back bad doing final set,rep and execise for the day and sure as chit as im liftin or shruggin up and my lower right side back gets a sharp stabbin this evening i can barley bend over and hurts like hell when i turn the wrong way ..should i stop the gear now and restart when healed or try tough it out..?/ any ideas on helping heal quicker..ive been icing and using a power massager as much as possible but damm wat a chitty time for an injury,1st cycle and all

    ANYWAY WENT TO DOCTOR TODAY AND HE GAVE ME PAINKILLERS AND MUSCLE RELAXERS.said stay off the weight for 2 weeks and the small tear should heal fine by then if i keep taking these meds to help with swelling and quicker think im gonna try stay on the gear but will any of these meds interfere with the gear..SASALATE 750,IBURPROFEN 800,CYCLOBENZAPRINE 10MG..ANYONE HAVE ANY THOUGHT ON THIS ..THANX

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    not sure about the meds, but if it isn't that bad i would wait a wk or 2 and continue. maybee run your cycle 2wks longer to make up for the lost time.

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    don't know what dose you're running, but i would cut back and rest like he said and do pain meds.
    i had a pec tear yrs ago, it started with some pain here and there and one day i felt in rip, in pec down my arm to my hand,
    doc took some paper and made a small tear in and said this is the tear and the more you use it the more it tears and rip the paper.

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