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    quad inj. question

    Hey bros, i inj. into each quad once per wk. i always hit the exact same spot because i know im safe from hitting a nerve or vein in this spot. question is do you guys hit same exact spot or do you move up or down 1 to 2 inches so as not to create scar tissue? also ive always used 23g. 1 1/2 to inj. into quads but i ran out and local pharm. only had 22g. Any of you use 22g. or is this 1 size to large for quads? I always inj. a minimum of 3cc into quad & tonight with the 22g. when i pulled out needle the amount of gear that came back out of inj. site was more than when i use 23g. thanks for your responses!

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    i always use 22g or lower to draw with and 25 g 1 inch everywhere except glutes... there i use 1 1/2 inch... i don't hit the same exact spot when injecting, that's a fast way to build up scar tissue... check out.. they show u 3 areas on each quad to shoot into..

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    thats the best thing about hitting quads....lots of area to work with

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    i use a 25g 1"in in quads.. since it is a big muscle you have more freedom to move it around the top outside portion.

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    que viva la quad!!!!

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