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    Went to the dermatologist

    After taking Brovel Deca for 10 weeks, I had acne and it wouldn't go away no mater what I did. So I went to the dermatologist. Come to find out, I have foliculitus; its a bacteria infection of the hair folicles, not the pores. So it looks like acne but it isn't. That's why my acne treatments were useless. He gave me an antibotic and 2 OTC bacteria items. The items are Hibiclens (super-strong anti-baterial soap) and Carmol 10 (antibacterial lotion). It's going away now!!!

    Lesson learned, if you have acne that won't go away, maybe its not acne. Go see a dermatologist.

    **He also gave me reten-a for my stretch marks!

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    cool, thanks for the info.............

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