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Thread: PCT Problems

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    PCT Problems

    Hey guys, I'm having a little problem. Just finished a 15 week cycle that looked like this:
    Week 1-13 500mg Test E
    Week 1-12 400mg EQ
    Week 10-15 75mg Tren ED
    Liquidex and Nolva throughout

    I stopped the Test and EQ earlier so that my PCT would fall right on schedule. I am about 2 weeks into my PCT, been taking 100mg clomid and 20mg nolva ED (300mg clomid on the first day). Right when I came off I could get hard, it wasn't as easy or as quick as normal, but I could do it. Now that I have been on PCT for 2 weeks, instead of being better, my dick barely works. I am getting very worried, and my girlfriend is not amused at all, she thinks she doesn't "turn me on". She knows about what I take and I tried to explain it to her, but she doesn't really get it. What I want to know is has this happened to anyone else? Do you think I am just shut down hard and there might have been a little test in my system helping me get hard before? Anyone who has had similar cycles/problems please give me your feedback. I know my clomid and nolva are good, and I have enough of both to take more if that would help. Sorry if I sound desperate, but I have never had this happen before (nor have I run tren before). Please help!

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    Very common Bro, your test levels are flat lined right now and until they kick back up i's going to be like that. Try 4 grams of tribulus ed and get some cialis. Things will be normal in a few weeks.

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    hmm.. you ran your tren 2 more weeks past your test.. mabey that's it.. you might be shut down for a while.. tren is strong stuff.

    i only do that with winny..

    hope you feel better

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