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    And it begins!!!

    Today I took my first shot of test e after about 3 years of reading on this board just want to thank everyone for all there advice and support no matter how small the question. My arse is feeling a lil wierd but no pain we'll see tomorow!

    My cycle in case your curious is:

    Test Ent 400mg weeks 1-10
    Nolvadex 20mg weeks 1-15
    Clomid :typical post cycle treatment 300mg, 100mg and so on (starting 2 weeks after last shot)

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    congrats and good to hear u did ur reasearch before u started...i did the same thing and started 5 weeks

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    congratulations...taka before and after pics and keep us posted

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    You'll love your enanthate . I ran the same dose for the same amount of time while cutting and gained 10 lbs while dropping 4% bf. The only thing I would do is up the length of time you run it for. I ran for 10 weeks and wished I had had enough for 15. I wouldnt run it for less than 12. Really started feeling it around week 7. It built up gradually to that point but by week 7 I really felt it peaking and it sucked only having 3 weeks to ride it out. Enjoy the cycle bro!

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