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    dnp and water retention.

    I took dnp at 500mg, for 9 days total. I know the scale says i lost almost 10 lbs, but i don't notice a big diffrence. Today, is the start of my 4th day off. Is it possible im still holding water, if so is there anything i can do to help make the water fall off? I've always had a really big problem with body holding water, especially from test. Any info would be greatly appriciated.

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    dnp causes vasodilation and increase in blood volume to compensate for the heat generated by rapid metabolism caused by dnp. this not only forces the body to store more water, but it also "pushes" the water more to the surface of the skin for faster heat dissipation. this will "hide" the muscles and make you look flat in addition to the flatness you'll get from decreased muscle glycogen.

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