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Thread: M1T vs. DBOL

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    M1T vs. DBOL

    Could someone who's done both compare them for me. I've done M1T and found it worked pretty good for strength and mass. I'm planning on taking it in my first cycle w/Test Cyp.

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    I have done just m1t, not dbol as of yet.

    i think(briefly read) the thing is,is that m1t mg for mg is stronger than dbol, but the sides r far more with m1t. i mean if u took 25mg of dbol vs 25mg of m1t, the sides from m1t would be very bad(bad acne, leth., etc) compared to dbol. u should only take 10-20mg/day of m1t vs dbol i think is norm in the range of 25-35mg/day(not sure). just trying to state what ive read.

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    I like M1T more and I think its certainly more powerful and the gains are more keepable

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