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    problem gaining weight

    i have been takin deca 300 zencall for a week and a half at 300mg/week...
    i went from 164 lbs to 170 the first week then went down to 165 and have been unable to gain any weight the past couple days... whats wrong here??? am i doing somthin wrong or am i just stupid? i have been drinkin alot of protein shakes and have drank a weight gainer shake once a day since i stopped gainin weight...

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    Canada Ehh...
    the first thing I see wrong here is that there is no test in the cycle. deca shuts down natural production. with out supplimenting with test, you are asking for some not nice sides.
    2nd. deca takes 3 or 4 weeks to kick in. you will start to see results then. also your dose is a little low. most go for 400mg/week
    there is more to it than shakes. you need to eat real food and drink a tone of water.
    I recomend you go to the diet forum and read the bulking sticky.
    In my opinion I would stop the cycle till you get some test and research a bit more.
    do you have PCT set up?

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    i dont know that the dose os too low for a first cycle but i would definately throw in some test

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    delts and quads
    Need test bro!! Protein shakes won't do jack shit if it doesn't meet your cal. intake of at least 3000 cal. You should be eating better food than shakes. what does you meal look like? How many grams of protein/carbs/fats a day? You're probably not taking enough. If you were, you would be growing, not shrinking.

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