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    How will this affect me?!?

    If i take a var/prop cycle with proper pct and all, what will happen to my test levels after the cycle and down the road? I'm really concerned with losing all of my natural levels.

    Also, how should i go about getting my test levels checked with a doctor? ...keep in mind i'm 19, and it would be more than awkward if i suddenly ask to have my test levels checked...

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    hey bro im 19 also and i just got my test levels back and they are normal. just go in there and ask him to get your test levels checked. no big deal. yes your natty test will drop while on cycle cuz it wont be needed, but it will bounce back up with proper PCT you will be fine bro.

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    A. most will tell you that you're too young and too wait a few years, especially since you're so worried about natural test levels...personally, i did my first at 17 so i won't be a hypocrit, but again, i wish i would have waited, YET, i didnt have all of the information at my fingertips like you do at this time, sooooo...

    B. yeah, simply ask for some bloodwork, and include testosterone levels ...that way you'll have an idea of where you personally want to be after PCT, before you begin another cycle, etc...

    my $.02


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