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Thread: winny

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    i play baseball...i need to gain 15 pounds of muscle and keep my thinkin about takin a cycle of winny...that good?

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    Canada Ehh...
    short answer: No, winny alone is not good.
    have a look at test prop cycles. that would be great. test only for 10 or 12 weeks.
    orals only are never really a good idea. some people may recomend Var only.
    from what I read that may be ok, but I have no personal experience with var.
    like I said test is your best bet. if you use prop and a little nolva during cycle you should have almost no water retention.
    dont forget to research pct.

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    do a search....

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    since u play baseball ... winny only is not advisable

    better off doin something else .... stick around and read up some more

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