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    Not enuff sust ???

    This is going to be my fist cycle I have been lifting hard for the past 3 years .IM sixfoot 225lbs 12% bf . i got my diet in check now and its time to get it on .. This is what i have now .

    1-10 Deca 300mg/wk
    1-12 Sust 250mg/wk

    i wanted to bump the sust to 500 a week but my guy dosent have sust anymore Should i run the sust for 6 weeks at 500 and get something else for the rest of the cycle ?? Im in need of some info thanks alot

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    See if he has any other kind of test that will last you all 12 weeks. Then maybe you can use the sus to frontload.

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    EOD is what many here recommend, I personally am doing Sust 250mg on Wed and again on Sat stacked with Deca 300mg once per week. In week 4 or 5, can't remember, and gains are pretty good with no sides at all. I'd consider EOD if you could or at least 2X wk as I am, regardless you will not have enough Sust for 12 weeks and would recommend getting another type of Test for remainder of cycle and remember to get your PCT in forums if you haven't. And remember, your diet is KEY!!!! Good luck!

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    Def. inject eod, I wouldnt recommend mixing it with other test half way through, try to get enough of the same compound. Also run the test higher then the deca , and I cant remember if you had the test running a week longer then the deca.

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    I would say that most of not all of the guys will disagree with me, but for a first cycle i feel 250 mg of sust is fine, although you will not benefit much from the prop, but my first cycle closely resembled the one you are doing and i found 30 pounds in gains, 22 of it for keeps. drop the deca to 200mg though if you are going to keep the sust at that low level, because i one hundred percent agree with running the test higher than the deca

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