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    what amounts would you use in this cycle?

    I am 220lbs at about 18%bf 6'2". I want to hit up a cutting cycle and get down to about 10%bf, I will be using omna, prop, winny,fina,eq. What kind of dosages could I use, (the lowest amount possible to lose what I want)?

    would I be able to lose 8-10%bf if I went like this
    500omna week
    300prop week
    75tren eod
    50winny ed
    300eq a week
    should I up the eq or will it be fine with the other cutting gear?
    I will run this cycle for 10 weeks, with clomid post cycle of course.

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    Don't need all those drugs.

    I'd do tren , eq, and winny.

    Wk1-6: Tren 75mg ed
    Wk1-10:EQ 400mg ew
    Wk7-12: Winny 50md ed

    Clomid 3 days after winny.

    Omna will bloat you too much to see if you're doing things right. And if you must do prop, go for it, but it isn't necessary. Also think about getting some Clen or T3...T3 is AWESOME imo. I used it for a week at 25mg ed and dropped 4 lbs. I had to start eating more to counteract the strong fat burning effects. What else....ohhh...ALA take 2-3g a day spread out over your meals with carbs. That stuff is a insulin mimicker...and it makes me feel dizzy, sleepy when taken at the right dose..(hypo symptoms).

    It's also a good liver protector and A VERY powerful antioxidant that can fight free radicals when taken postworkout. Throw some milk thistle in there for good measure. Keep diet clean as hell. Cardio if you need it, up intensity, lower rest time in between sets. Get good rest....that's pretty much it my man. Any other ?'s, ask.

    Good luck

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    here is the deal I dont have alot of funds to spend this go around but I already have 50-50mg winny's on hand, 15-20cc's of fina figuring 150mg per ml and I know I will need some prop in there to fight fina dick, got it bad last time I ran fina at 150mg a day for 2 weeks, but that means my fina was higher than my omna which was only 500 a week, I also was doing deca at 300mg a week. being I am low on funds should I just cut out the eq and do this:

    tren 75mg eod for last 4 weeks
    prop 500-600mg a week
    winny 50mg ed for the last 6 weeks

    or should I save and get the eq and change up the cycle again?

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