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    Question on Superdrol after PCT

    Ok, from everything I read superdrol gives solid gains. The most extreme cases state up to 12lbs in 4 weeks, but those ppl are probably exagerrating a little bit.

    EIther way, it seems to give good gains.

    Anyways, its been speculated that Superdrol has some 'super glycogen' effect that it stores SO MUCH energy in your muscles that they grow, or inflate...

    True or not true, I wouldnt know... But to me that means when you stop taking it, no matter what you use for PCT, the gains would go away if they were just 'super' amounts of energy anyways...

    Ya know? So for anyone who has used superdrol.... Lemme know.

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    Fukc superdrol! Heard it detroys your hdl cholest. Since M1T and SDI Labs, I personally am turned off by any "legal steroids ." Less results, and worse side effects. IMO

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