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    Question for the experts---should EQ and Deca be taken together? If no Why Not?

    Here is the question:

    Can Deca be taken concurrently EQ? I have read many posts that say no and also some that say yes?. I am confused and wanted to know if anyone can explain why it may/may not be a good cycle. Am I wasting one of these Deca/Eq because of receptor site competition? I tried to research it further but am now even more confused. Any help would be appreciated.

    I am currently taking both, but am starting to question the introduction of Deca into the cycle.

    **I just started week three and have already noticed a bodyweight increase of about 5-6 pounds and some of my working weights are starting to move up.
    (Not really interested in Test as massive weight gain is not my prime concern)

    400 mg week of Deca TTokyo (for a duration of 10weeks)
    400 mg week of EQ TTokyo ( for a duration of 10weeks
    and 40 mg/ of winstrol every day. (for a duration 8 weeks)

    **I will be taking Spiropent 2 weeks on and 2 off throughout the entire cycle.

    Should I add clomid or any other anti estrogens towards the end of the cycle? If yes, how much and how often?

    My goal is to add around 10 pounds or more and work on reducing some of my bodyfat throught the cycle(i.e. Lose 5 pounds of unwanted flab in the process). My diet is solid. Lots and lots of lean proteins, egg whites, fibrous veggies and whey.

    I thought that I had designed a solid cycle to help me attain my goal but the conflicting ideas surrounding EQ and Deca together has me wondering.



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    your gonna get mixed reviews on this one bro...many say no because they are so similiar and hit the same receptor cites, but if i recall Juice Junkie posted a thread about how alot of steroids hit the same receptor sites and how he feels there is nothing wrong with taking them together

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    there is only one androgen receptor
    and from what i have researched
    it doesent seem like a bad idea at all
    for several reasons
    but come on bro test is what its all about
    so many have said that it ought to be in every cycle

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    Thanks for the replies the post "killing the myth- Deca and EQ together" was exactly what I was looking for. If I get good results I will post along with diet and training information. I think that I am going to get good results I am already up 5 pds and I feel alot more dense and am getting stronger. I'll keep you all posted.

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    welcome to AR and i do agree w/it 100% aswell,.....congrats on the good results your seeing,.....oh and by the way,...(I dont think im an expert, but i did have to say, welcome and congrats to ya)

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    thanks for the info i am about to get on the same cycle

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