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    winny and general info (again!). please help guys!!!

    hey guys ive never taken winny before but i have heard it hurts a hell of alot. i have read that it is possible to drink the winny instead of injecting, is this as effective? is it dangerous? if not is it still possible to inject only in the glutes ED or EOD?? i put on a lot of weigh on a deca cycle a few months back so i dont really want to put on a huge amount of weight on this cycle. I was thinking doing 3 weeks 20mg per day of d bol, followed by 3 weeks on deca at 600mg per week and finally 4 weeks winny at 50mg per day.

    my nutrition and training is fine i have a coach physio and nutritionalist as best mates so no worries there!!

    any suggestions would be breilliany guys. cheers!

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    first off, you need to take test with winny and deca . I would do some research on here and learn how to cycle properly before doing anything else. 3 weeks of deca is pointless as well. Needs to be run at least 10 weeks to see results and need to take test with it if you want your dick to keep working

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    1st do u know why people take winny besides the gear u mentioned is soo bad

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    Just type drink and winny into the search engine. You will find more posts on this than anything...most common newbie asked question.

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    do some more reasearch.

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