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    So hungry even when bulking!

    Hey guys, I've recently started bulking to put on some muscle. The only problem (?) I have is that I'm STARVING all the time still! I'm on tren enth(500 mg per week) and test enth (1.5 grams per wekk as a test) and I'm literally starving all day. Should I eat (healthy) until I'm satisfied or should I limit my calories. I've never bulked when I was so hungry before, but I am trying to limit fat gain in the process. It just seems so weird to me to actualy "restrict" calories while bulking??? Any advice/thoughts are apreciated.

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    thats strange, ive heard tren decreases your appetite quite a bit. how much are you eating as of now and how big are you?

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    Holy hell, 1500mgs of Test ethanate per week! What is your previous cycle experience / stats?

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    2 grams of gear per week?


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    K dont worry about the dosages right now guys, I know its ridiculous amounts but I have motives behind it.

    I'm a mere 190 pounds. Since I started this bulk 2 weeks ago, I think I have gotten noticeably softer... even though all teh compounds should have "kicked" in by now after 4 weeks of being on them. I only eat about 3500 calories per day right now and keep protein somewhere around 300, the rest are carbs from oatmeal, and post workout nutrtion. As well as 2 tbsps of flax oil as part of my last meal, and sepearated from any carbohydrates. I don't get this guys... with this amount, and not many calories, why would I be getting so much softer? And still, WHY am I so damn hungry? I honestly think I'd be comfortable at 5000 calories per day. Should I consider using 12.5 mg's t3 throughout in order to eat more without coming out soft?

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