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    Lowest bodyfat that you can maintain year round (4 Mesomorphs and Endomorphs)

    Ok this is a question for those of you who arent naturally thin...For all of us who have to work for it. What is the lowest bodyfat percentage you have been able to maintain year round? (sorry I dont really intend to exclude you Ectomorphs, but...who am I kidding we hate you guys!)

    For anyone unclear about the difference in the body types:

    Endomorphs are generally those with a large bone structure. They can probably hoist some relatively heavy weights around the gym, but with a slower metabolism, fat loss is very difficult, which can hide their hard-earned muscle gains (or fat loss).
    Endomorphs are predisposed to gaining weight, and tend to be on the overweight side.

    They tend to be athletic looking with broad shoulders, narrow waists, and broad hips. Mesomorphs appear to be more muscular and the distribution of their weight may be more evenly presented.Their body fat percentages are relatively low. Being that they are naturally muscular with a good metabolism. They do tend to gather weight around their hips and thighs.

    Ectomorphs have very high metabolic rates. This makes it very difficult for them to gain both muscle and strength. The Ectomorph faces a much greater challenge than does the Mesomorph in gaining muscle and therefore must be patient with muscle gains when resistance training.
    This body type has a lean thin build and problems keeping weight on. The metabolism burns calories at a rapid rate. The Ectomorph can eat nearly any thing and get away with it. Most people wish they had this problem.

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    Bump it up, I'm am endomorph and I have to do 15 min of cardio after my workouts and 30 min on my off days just to maintain. More info...

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    definitely an ectomorph here...

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    10 % ,but am willing to keep it 8 % this year

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