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    Exclamation crtique my eq and tren cycle******

    1-4 test prop 100 mg eod
    1-10 tren Acitate 100 eod or 50 ed (Its my first time with tren)
    1-14 Eq 500 mg week
    1-15 Test Cyp 750 mgs

    i have clomid on me , novadex, and a t bomb for after cycle to increase natural testerone ..this Is not my first cycle ... my 4th or 5th

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    Nov 2004
    What the hell is a t-bomb?

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    that is a good cycle. use the nolva 10mg ED and get some HCG for sure... use while on cycle at 500iu E4D for sure.... tren will shut you down harder than you have ever seen before...

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    i plan on running tren and prop but i plan on doing
    prop 100mg ED
    tren 75mg ED

    Ive read that everyday injections are way better

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