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    Tribex during PCT and after cycle

    Well I started off my cycle taking tribex, ran short, finally got some more now. I just started HCG every third day at 500 iu's. I am going to start the tribex again too. Can I run this through pct and post cycle. also on the bottle it says to take the tribex on a empty stomach and on for 5 days and off for 2.. Is this the same doseage needed while on a steroid cycle.
    I am in week 10 of sustanon (640) and EQ (400). About to add winny in week 13 and run prop in week 15, stop eq in week 16, and run the winny and prop up into PCT<>

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    I think trib is a waste, but that's my opinion


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    I agree with JohnnyB about the trib. Kinda confused about your cycle tho. when are you running the sust. till?

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