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    My show is Saturday need help with diuretic.

    Have my first show this saturday. I am starting my carb loading/sodium depleting today. I am going to take taraxatone twice a day with food. Three pills each time. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or could help because I tend to hold water under my skin. I thought about dandeline root with b7 bit I dont know hoew much to take. I weigh 197lb today, I also can get my hands on lasix and other perscription diuretics but I was not going to mess with it because I was worried about dehydration. Taratone has pottassium but should I take in more. Please give me your thoughts.

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    i always use aldactone wich i start 3 days before the show but if your allready holding water then be carefull with carb loading.


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    if you hole water under the skin and in teh skin. you should go tanning or in a stem room. you need to sweet that water out.

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