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Thread: Lost Juice

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    Lost Juice

    I already had a similar thread going about an underfilled bottle... but i was wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to avoid coming up short on the last draw from the bottle.. the one i just finished was almost short a whole cc .... maybe its my drawing technique or dripping or something... i wish they would just overfill the damn things a little so that we wouldnt have this problem

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    You're gonna be short no matter what way u draw. That's why u always order an extra bottle of everything.

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    thanks bro.. yea it was a bit dissapointing but now i know

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    How do you know it was underfilled?

    When you draw, you might be drawing more than your intended dose, due to the space in the ferrule. Like Mbaraso said, have a bit extra if this is a prob for you.

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