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    Hey guys! just need advice on what to run with Tren A. (for best results)

    i'm on week 6 of a Masteron Prop. and Tren A. cycle . . I want to drop the Prop. and run the Tren A. for another 6 weeks @ shot eod . . i'm looking to get muscular, ripped, defined, and gain strength . . I want an injectable that will mix with Tren A. . also one that you have to take eod shots . .

    i'm 5"8, 190 and bodyfat is 10 percent . . in the six weeks i've put on about 15 lbs solid . . @ the end HCG is my pct of choice . .

    advice guys would be awesome . . .

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    Sustanon 250 if you dropped the prop. Or just go w/ cyp or enan. I am running cyp w/ tren A now, gonna switch to masteron in 4 weeks, then finish off with WV. But I'm doing 600mg of Cyp e/w. You gotta have some test bro or your gonna mess yourself up w only tren. NO WOOD AT ALL!!! I'll never run any cycle w/o test. You'll find that is the rule of thumb around here. I always mix my tren injection with another oil helps prevent the dredded tren cough.I've never had it. Just make sure to asparate correctly and inject slowly and real moving around. It is much more important with tren to inject right. Do it once wrong and you'll be sorry! You should also be running 10 mg of Nolvadex e/d through the end of the cycle. I'de have some Clomid as well. Do some study on pct bro....hcg not enough...but your cycle is pretty short...6 weeks? Why so sense there IMO.
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    IMHO prop is the best thing to run with tren . At any rate, you need some test with it. You can add winny if you like, but keep running the prop, is my advice.

    HCG is not really pct... it sets you up for an effective pct. You still need some clomid. Shoot the last shot of hcg a week before pct. Or you can shoot the last of your hcg the day you shoot the last of your prop and tren A, then a week later begin your pct. You should recover fairly quickly. The hcg does nothing at all to boost your hpta... it only stimulates the testicles. In the absence of LH, when you stop using hcg you are once again producing zero test. The whole point is to recover, to resume producing test at full baseline as soon as possible. Restoring full hpta function is even more important than jumpstarting the testicles. Once LH is being produced in sufficient quantity, eventually it will restore your balls to full output just like hcg. Using hcg as pct will DELAY your recovery because you are still suppressing the hpta with the test you are producing with the hcg. When the hypothalama-whatsit sees all that test, it knows not to release any GnRH. When the pituitary does not get it's GnRH fix, it refuses to produce LH.

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