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Thread: ttokkyo

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    My source sent me a bottle a tt sus. and a bottle of tt deca 300. The sus had the reaised letters on the bottom of it and the hologram said ttokkyo. But the deca had no raised letters on the bottom of the bottle and the hologram said securite(mexican I guess). All of my gear comes from a phar. in mexico. Could the deca be fake or does ttokkyo have several different bottles and boxes. Also the top of the deca had a white flip top that said fip off on it not ttokkyo.

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    Hmm....dunno....ill keep it on top for ya though

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    I believe your deca is legit. I have a bottle of the 300 myself and last time I checked, it had nothing on the bottom. I'd check it and take a picture of it, but it's back home - about 1500 miles away from me right now. Can't really ask the parents to go in my stash ya know ?

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