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    anadrol and winstrol depot

    First off let me say I KNOW anadrol 50 is for bulking and I KNOW winstrol is for cutting I KNOW THIS....

    ok 4 months ago i came off of a 8 week cycle of anadrol and test e (drol for 6 weeks @50mg/day and 8 weeks of test e @500mg/week). I got big (imagine that huh).

    since i lost my water weight and cut down some i would like to gain some more quality muscle mass. I am not talking about a cutting cycle. i am not talking about blowing up like a water balloon again bulking.

    Questions: Would i gain quality mass by doing a anadrol (what can i say i love the drol) and winstrol depot cycle? What would be a good dosage? and is proviron enough to control the estrogen?
    oh and does any body take anything for mood swings and irratabilty?

    Thank you for any help every one was a big help on my last cycle

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    delts and quads
    No you will not. Anadrol is not for quality muscle. It's more for strength. If you want quality muscle try test prop and tren .

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    You won't be able to see the effects of the winny due to the water you'll hold from the drol. So I would have to answer no to the quality mass ??'s As far as proviron being enough i would throw so nolve 30mg's ed and you should be good. as for the irritability and moodiness just try to relax and wear yourself out in the gym.

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