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    off cycle and haveing kidney pains

    I just finished a 12 week cycle of test E at 500mg a week for and winny four 4 weeks at 50mg a day. I started Pct on monday i am taking 100mg of clomid every day and 60mcg of clen every day. Has anyone had kidney pains after a cycle or during pct? The pain is really bad in the left side feels like someone is punching me. Any info would help thanks guys

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    Get down to a doc bro..pronto...!

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    been to the doc yet? hope yer alright.................

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    yea go see the doc....also try some cranberry extract as it will help with the liver

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    You just may be having a kidney stone... That would have nothing to due with cycling. So you can get cranberry extract and uva ursi at any healthfood store as well as drink alot of water. But I would go to the ER first, ham it up a bit with the pain and they will put you out(sometimes it moves as you are now relaxed in combination with tolerated pressure build up pushing the stone)

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