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    Question 50mg Winstrol Tabs? 50mg DHEA? Liver Values? cutting?

    I'm trying to cut up for vacation so for 2 weeks I will be taking 25mg of Winstrol tabs in morning and 25 in evening. How bad is this for my Liver????

    I also take 50mg of DHEA. 50mg Provirunum. I tab of Stacker 2 (200mg caffeine)

    I'm wondering is my body producing it's own testosterone while im on winstrol and what happens when I stop taking it?

    Will I shrink? to be honest it hasn't given me anymass or strength it just seems to keep my muscles rather hard and has helped me keep my muscle while cutting.

    I was thinking of adding 10mg of D-bol a day but I really don't want to add any water retention do you think adding d-bol will help me burn fat

    I do 20min cardio 5 times a week with 5 upperbody workouts and 2 lower body workouts a week. Very intense workouts.

    I just kind of want to stop taking winstrol but since I'm taking 10 of the little green pills a day I'm scared of the side effects when I stop.

    what should I do to come off and keep my mass and produce my own testosterone. Will I get fat??

    thanks for your help.

    Mr. Extreme

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    you clearly have no idea about steroids you should have researched a lot before you considered trying them

    winstrol for 2 weeks aint gonna do sh!t
    no dbol isnt gonna help u burn fat
    no you wont produce your own test on winnie

    you need to run it longer (should have been with test) and have correct PCT
    but i'm guessing you probably have no idea what PCT is

    there's always one isnt there

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