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    Bloated and fat from Test

    I have been discourage with my last 2 cycles. the first one was 650mg a week of test enth. for 8 weeks..and my last was d-bol, test, and proviron for 8 weeks..I have gained great strenth gains but the water retention and fat seem to be overwhelming..For this cycle I was considering pure winstrol 400-600mg a week for seven weeks..any advice would be greatly diet is clean and consists of plenty of chicken beef and good carbs...I have reduced my body fat considerably and never want to look like that again...please help..i want that hard dense look...

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    I'd post your actual diet in the diet forums.

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    Bro...I am supirsed to hear that test e caused you to retain so much water. DBOL is a defiinite water retainer, so I think that was more or less your main cause of retaining water.

    I would give test prop a try. I have had good HARD gains from test prop with very little, if any, water retention.

    Hope this helps.

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    test always bloated me up good, as well as a bit of fat gain. this cycle i used proviron and nolvadex together and buddy did it work for me.

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    genetic mang, genetics play a huge role in how ur body uses the gear. everyones different, you might have to change ur diet to better utilize test if u seem to get more fat and retention. my opinion.

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    Here's what I'd do...Run prop at 75-100mg ed, 10mg nolva and .25mg ldex throughout the cycle to keep levels to a minimum. I get bloated a lot on test e or c. Prop on the other hand is very good at keeping me lean with little water retention.

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    Invest in some good anti-estrogens. Maybe try prop next, it seems to work great for a lot of people.

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