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    Red face No Luck with Thighs....Yet

    I have tried a few times now to do thigh injections. The first time it just hurt everywhere I tried. Tonight I found a nice, painless spot, but I hit a nerve and my freakin leg jumped like crazy. It actually made me laugh. Anyone else had this happen? I have been doing glutes and delts but need to get more versatile. I have seen all the pics on spotinjections, too.

    ANy input?

    Thanks, bros...

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    yes, my leg jumped last night when i inserted... was kinda painful to have the muscle tighten around the needle.. it let up though... you get used to the leg injections after a while, mostly.

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    One of the easier and least painfull shots to do. Keep at it and try to use more then one location on the outer thigh, aim for about 3.

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