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Thread: prop/tren cycle

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    prop/tren cycle

    heres my plan..this will be my first cycle of Tren so im gonna try to keep it short..1-8weeks 75mg EOD with test prop EOD at i dont have a problem with the if i need adjustments i can make them...Nolva will be on hand also clomid for pct....anyone have any words of wisdom?

    I would like to keep 10+ pounds after pct

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    you wont need anti e's on cycle. HCG if your balls shrink. you have good doses. If you eat and train right, you will gain and keep more than 10 pds... unless your a real hard gainer...

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    I agree

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    I would shoot both ED. Try the tren at 50 and the prop at 75. Adjust the tren as needed to control sides. This is a great stack, and especially if you go into it very lean, you will love the gains you get. 8 weeks is good. Many users run that cycle for 10 weeks. 6 weeks is about minimum.

    Have you read anything about progestin type gyno and how to deal with it? You should have B6 and cabergoline and letro on hand. I would go ahead and run 100mg B6 right from the start.

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