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  1. opinions on cycle

    this boys and girls will be my third cycle. the first was test/ dbol , the second test/eq. I have decided on tren ace and prop, but am pondering including var or winny. I would like to try var, but do not have access to powder now so it is very expensive. Winny isn't too pricey, but I have irritating shoulder problems (that I just have to work around) and I am afraid the winny will agravate it.
    Does anyone have experience with joint trouble and winny??

    Also I was going to start my tren at a fairly low dose to see how I react, but what should be the lowest I should start at?

    Do most people run letro with their tren cycles?

    stats 24yrs old
    240lb 5'11

    thanks in advance for input guys

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    I started out at 50 mg ed and went up from there....don't think you want to go lower than that, especially for a guy your size.

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    yeah i would start the tren out at 50 mg ED

  4. will start the tren at 50mg, I figued 400-450 per week, but will definatly start a bit lower. How long before sides start to appear?
    anyone on the winny q?

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