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    i never leave the gym

    waiting for results

    hey boys

    im on a sustanon cycle, 500mg a week for 10 weeks.
    first time using sus250
    25mg proviron a day

    its been two weeks, four injections, im looking harder not really bigger

    how long till i see some gains? im 5 pounds heavier but its not at al noticeable?

    cheers boys

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    sust has 4 different esters, so they kick in at diff points, sometimes it can take a few weeks b4 they all kick in, but when it happens, u will know!!

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    yeah, im almost into my fourth week of sust. I'm taking 640mg/week and eod shots. I still havnt seen anything other than my weight is up 10lbs. But thats mostly water and all the extra calories ive been taking in. You should start to feel it around the 4th week. Good luck

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