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Thread: Pct acne

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    Pct acne

    Does anyone have any advice on eliminating acne brought on by Pct?

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    go to CVS, get PAN OXYL, 10% Benzoil Peroxide aqueus gel (cream) this shit REALLY works, better than anything I ever used. smear it on your zits before bed let dry, put on a WHITE t shirt (other wise it will bleach your sheets) and repeat every night till its gone.

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    Ive heard bros using dawn detergent. They state it works wonders. Per NTPADUDE,
    "Lather up dawn dishwashing liquid in a wash cloth and use it like soap. It seems to get the oil out of your skin and also cleans your skin with no soapy film like you get from bar soap, leaving pores cleaner and free-r of crap that would cause you to get pimples.

    Dawn Dishwashing liquid is a popular dishwashing soap in North America and it has a degreasing agent in it which is what makes it so effective for steroid induced acne. Most of the acne is caused by the increase oilyness of the skin as a result of using androgens."

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