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Thread: 1st cycle

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    Question 1st cycle

    i was wondering if anyone could help me finalize the setup for my first cycle. i am 23 and have been working out for 3 years. i carry an 8% body fat and am cut but small. i was looking to put on 10-15 lbs. but would like to maintain an athletic appearance. I was considering 15-20 mgs/d of d-bol along with a deca range of 200 -400mgs/w. I realize that a cycle of deca alone would not supply me with enough androgens and dbol would help that. I was looking to increase my keep gain and harden the water weight gained with this stack by supplementing with winstrol depot after the i cut the d-bol. I am not sure if this is too much for a novice. instead maybe i should take deca and winny instead without the d-bol. Ancillaries will be used, notably H.C.G and Nol/Prov.
    Any help offered would be greatly appreciated, i have put much time and research into this as to avoid the fate of some lifters i know.

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    The first stack I did was deca and winnie...

    400 mg deca a week for 10 weeks
    50 mg winnie ed weeks 6-12
    Clomid week 13

    With a clean diet, you could reach your goal of 10-15 lbs while keeping your athletic look.

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