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    How big of a diff is shooting fina ed vs eod?

    I just want to know does it make that big of a difference, because I would like to give less injections to myself if possible so I can keep down scar tissue, would 37mg a day vs 75mg eod make a big diff, I am will be doing prop to so I would prefer eod but if it makes a diff I will do prop and fina ed.

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    does it make a difference...yes...but can you go eod and see nice results, yes. Do a search, this topic has been raised a number of times. There are a couple graphs showing the bloodlevel differences between ed inj. and eod inj. Good luck bro

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    Seems like 20lbs mass isn't too incommon for ed, but those who take it eod generally get around 10lbs.

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    I searched looking for the fina content blood graphs but i couldn't find them. Do you know who the author of the post is?

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