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    Can you please advise correct HCG input and PCT dosages for.....

    12 weeks of a sus only cycle.

    Looking on the net and doing my research i think i should need 5000IU's HCG (10 days worth at 500IU ED)

    200mgs Nolvadex (20mg ED for 10 days whilst taking the HCG)

    1400mg Clomid (150mg day 1, 100mg ED for the next 8 days, 50mg ED for the next 8 days, 50mg EOD for the next 8 days - only needing 4 tabs)

    Have i read and calculated correctly? Is all this necessary for a sus ONLY cycle?

    What have others run after a sus only cycle?


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    i would get enough nolva to run 10mg ED throughout my cycle;
    & enough to run 20mg ED for about a month after.
    Also, it would be a good idea to get some extra just in case you need to bump the dose up. (like if sides flare up)

    as far as clomid, I would have at least 3000mg, in order to run 100mg ED for 30 days after the cycle. If you plan to taper the dose towards the end, then you should have a little extra; which is a good thing.

    What exactly does your cycle look like?
    I personally would not worry about HCG if you are not
    going on longer then 10-12 weeks.

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    I am going to have 2 Ampules of sus250 a week.......

    one on mondays the second on thursdays. I plan on doing this for 12 weeks.

    I ran a sus, decca dbol cycle for 6 weeks only but didnt do a bit of pct or hcg as it was such a short course. The one im planning on doing is obviously longer and so im trying to be careful and research what i'll need.

    Have you ever done a sus only course?

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    If you're goping to use HCG , use it during the cycle, at 300-500iu every 3-5 days. Don't limit your PCT, use nolva at 40mg for 2 weeks, then 20mg until your sex drive comes back


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