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    female AR-R liquid clen question..?

    my gf has been on now for 10 days and is up to 160mcg (8 sprays), and we are not sure if this dose is too high, or not high enough....

    she is 5'7", 134lbs, and is 18 years old.

    she takes it split twice a day (also with 4g of taurine/day), drinking at least 2 gallons of water a day and is on a pretty good diet..and so far we havent seen anything as far as fat loss, but one thing is the fat feels alot looser???water???
    she has the shakes, occasional headaches, and some muscle cramps...

    are her recepters fried? takeing too much? not enough? if so what can we do to remedy this?

    thanks for all the help!!

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    160 is to much. Drop the dose down to 1/2 that. She will still see weight loss.

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    holy shit- either its not 160mcg, or she is totally immune to the stuff. Tell her to research the dosing, i would do like 1 or 2 weeks on and 1 or 2 weeks off.

    is she working out? DIET & Excercise!

    I am 6'1 215 15% and i cant get much over 120mcg w/o bad shakes and not being able to sleep and what not...

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