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    SpringsBridge7 Guest

    Deca and Test E, Switch to Eq and Test E

    Im in my 7th week of my deca test e cycle. Im thinking in about two weeks of switching from 300mg of deca a week to 300mg of eq a week until about week 15. Im going to keep the test e the same. Is this a bad idea will the eq be effective?

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    why would u do that? your going to come up short of the peak effects of both the deca and eq.

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    I'd stay with the deca myself.. simply because the magical effect it has on my joints

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    SpringsBridge7 Guest
    I just want to use the eq at the end of my cycle for a few weeks to cut up a little. I was just wondering if it would work I hear deca and eq use the same receptors so i was thinking maybe it wouldnt really do anything.

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    just keep with the deca , like stated above you will miss both peaks.that would be useless

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    stay with deca u can increase the dose a little bit of test & deca if u want

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