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Thread: Is this gyno?

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    Is this gyno?

    I have started my Test E and EQ cycle and I am fixing to start my third week. Frontloaded 1st week. Anyways this morning in the shower my nipples felt a little sensative but now it is gone. It seemed like the same thing happened to me about 3 days agobut it was while I was working out. Its sensative for a few minutes and thats it. I am taking 10mg of nolva per day. Does this sound like gyno or someone who just worries to much?

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    impossible for anyone to tell if ifs signs of gyno. if ur taking nolva u shud b fine, if u start to notice swelling or really sensitive up ur nolva.

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    The first time I ran a cycle which included dbol my nips got itchy as hell. Then they started to get sore. At this point I jumped on nolvadex . Now, like you are doing, I take 10mg nolva ED. No problems so far.

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