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    Question FIRST CYCLE: Injection Confusion

    Ok guys, I'm sure EVERYONE on this board knows my cycle by now, but just IN-CASE you don't, here it is:

    Week 1-10: T200 ( 400mg/week )
    Week 1-10: EQ ( 400mg/week )
    Week 8-13: Winny ( 50mg/ED )
    Week 13: Start clomid therapy exactly 3 weeks after last test/eq inject.
    .25mg Liquidex ED throughout cycle
    Nolvadex on-hand just incase needed.
    ALA @ 600mg/ED
    Milk Thistle @ 1000mg/ED

    I have nobody to inject for me, so I will strictly be injecting Delts/Quads.
    Is it ok to strictly use Delts/Quads for all injects?

    1) I am using 23gx1" pins, is this the correct size?

    2) What size pin do I need to measure out the Liquidex? Can I use the 23g?

    3) Since I am running Winny @ 50mg/ED, should I be injecting everyday, or just drink the winny?

    4) What is the BEST time to inject the EQ/TEST shot?
    I will be mixing 1cc of each, and shooting 2x/week ( Mon, Thurs )

    5) I was told to inject winny 1 hour prior to training, that correct?

    I am confused on injection times/sites. Please review!

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    everything above i agree with. I am unfamiliar with the liquidex. Siince ur not taking any ed injections u are spolly off better drinking the winny or takin spot injections in bi's tri's or wherever u think u need extra work. I think ur fine with drinking it though. Pins are fine for delt and quads aswell i believe, may wanna check the quads out though on as for times, go at the winny around hour before workout. test and stuff should be fine whenever earlier part of the day, if u wanna go at it an hour or so before the lift then thats fine, i dont think its any better personally. good luck man and keep us posted

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    since you are just shooting 2x per could do only quads if you want....left on mon and right on thur...that gives each quad a week to recover......quad shots are alot easier than delts, and a good area for beginners..........
    23g 1 inch is fine for you.....
    drink the winny.....before your workout....same time everyday....
    i like to inject in the morning........

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    1) yes
    2) Yes, but if you measure it like Cycle suggests your gonna have to refigure how many drops from a 23Ga pin makes a ml.
    3) drink it IMO
    4) It doesn't matter eq and t-200 have long esters
    5) That's fine

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    Awesome, thanks for the quick responses guys! It's amazing how much people are willing to help out on this board!

    Anyhow, I usually awake around 9:30 AM.

    I workout at 12:00 in the afternoon everyday.

    So I can shoot the EQ/TEST Right when I awake, and then drink the winny around 11:00 AM ( 1 hour prior to training )?

    Do I drink the Winny straight? Mix with Cranberry Juice? With Food? Empty Stomach?

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