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Thread: letro question

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    letro question

    Hi guys

    I decided to use letro in my next cycle. When do I start with the letro? and how much do I need to use?

    BTW this is my next cycle

    wk 1-12 750 mg test e p/week
    wk 1-4 300mg test prop p/week
    wk 1-10 75mg tren a e/d
    wk 1-4 10iu slin PWO
    wk 8-12 10iu slin PWO
    wk 14-17 PCT with nolva


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    It takes letro better than a month for blood level to be constant. Most use .25 to .5 ed. I would start a couple of weeks prior to cycle in a frontloading phase.

    Aditionally I would also change the slin to 9-12 to give yourself a good 4 weeks off. I like to use clomid in pct as well.

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