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Thread: PAIN: BD vs QV

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    PAIN: BD vs QV

    Just wanted to post my observations. My first cycle was BD test cyp 1.5cc twice a week in the quads for 13 weeks. I NEVER felt any pain or discomfort with BD, only a very slight discomfort immediately after injection. Otherwise no pain, no swelling, nothing and the discomfort lasted only a few hours. Now I'm on my second cycle of QV test e and QV deca . I'm still shooting 1.5cc twice a week of the test in my quad (1cc twice a week of deca in delts) and I gotta tell you, so far the pain is quite uncomfortable for about 3 days. I'm sure most of you know that already, just wanted to post it up.

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    i hate qv kills but thats just me

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    nah, I dont think its that bad. For me, pain is experienced w/ T-400, 500mg/ml test e, suspension, and often prop. I dont have too much trouble w/ anything else.

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    Canada Ehh...
    I have never used bd, but for me qv is hit and miss.
    one cycle does not hurt, the other floors me.
    I will shy away from qv if I can

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