So here is the question on my mind.

I'm 35 years old, 5'9, 225 lbs, been lifting for close to 20 years, never used steroids . I know what works for me both with diet and training.

250 g protein, 250 g carbs, 100 g fats daily (approx 3000 kcal)

Monday - Chest (approx 12 sets)
Tuesday - Back (approx 16 sets)
Wednesday - legs (approx 20 sets)
Thursday - Delts (approx 10 sets)
Friday - arms (8 sets Bi's, 9 sets tri's)
Saturday/Sunday - off

How would a cycle of steroids adjust the workout, especially as it relates to total volume and frequency?

I figure adding steroids to the pictures does 1 of 3 things as it relates to training:

1) It doesn't adjust your workout at all. Train the same, eat more protein and carbs, and you'll add more muscle than if you had just added the calories, and you won't get as fat from the added calorie total because the protein and carbs are getting pushed to the muscle instead of the gut, thanks to the gear

2) Allows you to gain maximum benefit by enhancing your recovery time so that you can workout each body part more frequently.

So instead of working out as I do now (see above), I would do the same sets/reps, but would do the following type of split:

Day 1 AM - Chest PM - Back
Day 2 AM - Quads PM - Hams
Day 3 AM - Delts PM - Arms
Day 4 off
Day 5 AM - Chest PM - Back
Day 6 AM - Quads PM - Hams
Day 7 AM - Delts PM - Arms
Day 8 - off

3) You keep the training cycle the same, i.e. bodyparts once per 7 days, but you up the volume.

So I would adjust my present back workout:

chins - 4 sets
barbell rows - 4sets
DB rows - 4 sets
T-Bar rows - 4 sets

to the following:

chins - 5 sets
barbell rows - 5 sets
DB rows - 5 sets
T-Bar rows - 5 sets

Biceps from 4 exercises, 2 sets apiece to 4 exercises 3 sets apiece, etc

So what is the consensus? In order to really know the answer to this question, you need to have worked out a substantial amount of time *without* gear as an adult so that you can properly compare, i.e. at least 30 years old or so, having been working out for awhile.

I'd love to hear from someone who trained into at least their 30s before trying the gear. Just so I have a similar point of comparison.