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    arimidex or dbol?

    i started deca and test sunday, monday morning i take o.5mg arimidex and then i take 10mg dbol 1 hours after.for the rest of the day my head felt heavy,iwas freezing and was at the gym i had no power bad mood not hungry at all and swetting. i think its the dex that those that but not sure.what do you thinks?

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    I'd give it a couple of days and see how it goes. I'm uncertain as to the cause of your symptoms.

    I usually get a slight headache the first day of dbol .

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    I would say it's the dbol . If you continue to feel that way after week, drop dbol and up your mgs of test. Dbol doesn't agree with me. I get headaches and it feels like my kidneys are working hard back there. Orals will always give you more sides than injectables. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

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    I would say drop the dosage of dbol as well .... it is a very common side

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    Yup..I felt all around pretty crappy first couple days of dbol

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