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Thread: prop or susp

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    prop or susp

    i was want run a prop/ tren cycle at 100mg prop ed and 50mg tren ed but was considering test susp instead of the prop, is there a difference between the two as far as effectiveness

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    rip off Ireland
    you will hold more water retention with sus and next to none with prop but once both are up and running there pretty much the same except for the fact you feel the prop faster.
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    Prop's gains are meant to be high quality, but then so are Susp. I have never run Susp so cannot comment on personal experinces. However, I have researched a little bit into Susp and can tell you that the gains are meant to be very high quality and can be incorperated when bulking or cutting when used alongside the correct compounds.

    The only drawback being Susp injection frequency of 2x per day. Some say 3x for maximum benifits. Also the pain from its injections and increased chances of infection as its water based.

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    prop all teh way , there is really no reason why anyone should use suspension , to keep blood levels constant u would have to hit about 2 times a day ....

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    Go with the prop dude.....

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